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By Steve Madden

5 8 days ago

Wendy, Stanley and Liezel were such a pleasure to deal with!

A friend of mine is a former client of Wendy Sokoloff, so I decided to contact her. After some online research, I realized that this was the firm I wanted to go with. I really appreciated that Stanley really did his homework to find the right path to take with the complicated legal matters of my case and I’m very happy at the way it all turned out! Wendy, Stanley and Liezel were such a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to my family and friends!”
By Troy Moses

5 29 days ago

I would give her a 6-Star rating!

A friend of mine was using Sokoloff Lawyers and recommended I call them. Wendy answered her phone late at night to speak with me and after speaking with her I realized I wasn’t getting the support I deserved from a previous lawyer. I really liked the way Wendy kept providing me with my options, as they came up! She was confident, strong and I trusted her with her 30+ years experience. I would give her a 6-Star rating! I would recommend Wendy to family and friends if I needed to.
By Kristopher Bernard

5 a month ago

I knew right away that she was someone I trusted!

I heard about Wendy Sokoloff from a family member and I knew right away that she was someone I trusted and would sign up with! I want everyone to know how amazing she is. Wendy was always there when we needed her and Karen always let us know quickly what was going on in our case. I have already recommended Wendy to friends of ours and would absolutely recommend her to family and friends, going forward!
By S.C.

5 a month ago

They were really on the ball!

A friend of mine at work suggested I call Wendy Sokoloff. Right away, Wendy was open to helping me! They were really on the ball and got things going within a day or 2 later. Karen was always responsive, and towards the end Wendy was amazing and I was totally happy! I would absolutely recommend Wendy to friends and family!
By Premila Prasad

5 a month ago

Wendy is amazing!

I first heard about Wendy Sokoloff as a referral from MP Leslyn Lewis, who is also a lawyer. I interviewed between 6-10 law firms and decided to go with Wendy after she personally met with me in Etobicoke on Valentine’s Day and showed me that she is the absolute best. I knew I could trust her. Communication is #1 and my calls were always answered right away. One time, Wendy was at a hockey game, after hours, and answered my call without hesitation. She is amazing and I have already recommended her to people in my life who needed her services.
By D.N.

5 2 months ago

Wendy is the best!

I originally heard about Sokoloff Lawyers from the physiotherapy clinic I was going to. My wife researched a bit more and we decided that this seemed like a good firm to go with. Wendy was my lawyer and she was very straightforward and helpful with everything. Karen and Manny were friendly and always kept me in the loop, being easy to talk to! I would recommend Wendy Sokoloff to my friends and family, if they were ever needing help!
By Mai Vo

5 2 months ago

I would definitely recommend Sokoloff!

I heard about Sokoloff Lawyers through a client of my daughter, who is a Dental Hygienist. This person said Wendy is very good at what she does and gets a fair settlement, if not more. Doug and Zam were very helpful with excellent communication and quick responses to my questions. I would definitely recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to my friends or family.
By J.B.

5 2 months ago

It felt good to always be informed with straight-forward information!

I heard about Sokoloff Lawyers from a trusted family member of mine, who recommended Wendy to me. I had called another lawyer actually, but it didn’t seem that their heart was in it and I just felt better after speaking with Ashley and Mirsada, who were very helpful! I had never been involved in anything like this before, so it felt good to always be informed with straight-forward information. I would recommend Sokoloff Lawyers to my family and friends if they ever needed a lawyer for something like this.
By Phil Kirwin

5 2 months ago

5+ years of Sokoloff Expertise & Support to Settlement.

After a slip and fall in late 2017, my wife had suffered from post concussion syndrome, was in constant pain with migraines and other mobility issues as well as being an emotional wreck. She stopped participating in family activities and was unable to continue working in a meaningful capacity. Our children became the support and we navigated a very different post accident life. At the time of the fall, we contacted a lawyer at Sokoloff to ask questions as we were unsure if there was even a case. We reside in Niagara but were very aware of the limited number of personal injury firms and residing in a smaller city, we wanted an expert opinion from outside of Niagara. Wendy’s firm and reputation are excellent in every way. She was quick to answer our call and provide us with clear information in a professional and compassionate manner. Her experienced team of lawyers and legal professionals were able to assist us in navigating a difficult journey. Every step of the way, even during covid, our phone calls and emails were answered promptly, the legal guidance and advice was crucial to our settlement outcome. The lawyers at Sokoloff worked hard for my wife and my family and left nothing to chance. Thank you for helping us through the difficult times to resolution and now have the ability to support my wife’s care and our family.
By Ben McCafferty

5 2 months ago

Wendy and her whole staff were great!

I was injured and medicated when I was recommended to seek out Sokoloff Lawyers by a friend of mine who had heard great things about Wendy and her team. I found Wendy and her whole staff, including Karen, to be very knowledgeable and they were great! I have already recommended friends to speak to Wendy, also.