By Phil Kirwin

5 8 months ago

5+ years of Sokoloff Expertise & Support to Settlement.

After a slip and fall in late 2017, my wife had suffered from post concussion syndrome, was in constant pain with migraines and other mobility issues as well as being an emotional wreck. She stopped participating in family activities and was unable to continue working in a meaningful capacity. Our children became the support and we navigated a very different post accident life. At the time of the fall, we contacted a lawyer at Sokoloff to ask questions as we were unsure if there was even a case. We reside in Niagara but were very aware of the limited number of personal injury firms and residing in a smaller city, we wanted an expert opinion from outside of Niagara. Wendy’s firm and reputation are excellent in every way. She was quick to answer our call and provide us with clear information in a professional and compassionate manner. Her experienced team of lawyers and legal professionals were able to assist us in navigating a difficult journey. Every step of the way, even during covid, our phone calls and emails were answered promptly, the legal guidance and advice was crucial to our settlement outcome. The lawyers at Sokoloff worked hard for my wife and my family and left nothing to chance. Thank you for helping us through the difficult times to resolution and now have the ability to support my wife’s care and our family.